Difference Between Bearing PV and Limiting PV.
07 March 2024

Difference Between Bearing PV and Limiting PV.

The PV factor, also known as the Pressure-Velocity factor, is a critical parameter used in the design and selection of sliding bearings, particularly in applications where there is relative motion between surfaces in contact. The PV factor is a product of the bearing pressure (P) and the surface velocity (V). It is calculated using the formula:



P represents the bearing Load, which is the Load (N/mm2) exerted on the bearing surface due to the load it supports.

V represents the surface velocity (m/s), which is the relative velocity between the bearing surfaces

Bearing PV

Bearing PV is the actual calculated or estimated Pressure-Velocity factor for a specific sliding bearing under a given working environment.

It is obtained by multiplying the bearing pressure (P) with surface velocity (V) at which the bearing is moving.

Bearing PV provides details of the actual mechanical loading and sliding speed found at the bearing surfaces when moving.

It helps in judging the performance and efficiency of the bearing by considering factors such as lubrication factor, Temperature, and Burnishing Factor.

Limiting PV

Limiting PV refers to the maximum allowable PV factor that a sliding bearing can withstand without early failure or considerable reduction in performance.

It is provided by the bearing manufacturer based on rigorous testing, analysis, and consideration of material properties, operating conditions, and reliability requirements.

Limiting PV gives us the guideline or threshold beyond which the bearing may go into excessive wear, overheating, or other issues that could lead to fatigue failure.

Engineers use the limiting PV as a design criterion to ensure that the selected bearing operates within safe and reliable limits for its intended application.

In summary, bearing PV represents the actual operating conditions of the sliding bearing, while limiting PV represents the maximum allowable conditions beyond which the bearing may fail. Engineers compare the calculated bearing PV with the specified limiting PV to ensure that the bearing operates safely and reliably within its design limits.

Bonus, Since PV is inversely proposal to the life hours of sliding bearing, It implies Lesser the PV value higher the life expectancy of sliding Bearing

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