Oil & Gas Solutions

Bimetallic Corrosion

GBT has developed a wide range of sliding bearings for the oil & gas industry since it first started its operations. These sliding bearings offer increased performance, are highly reliable and have longer maintenance intervals, essential characteristics which are supporting this industry in their mission…

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Higher Load Carrying Capacity

Since its first supplied sliding bearing to the Italian market, GBT has broadened its range to many fields of the industry. GBT sliding bearings are nowadays being used in broad variety of applications and industries, such as automotive, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, renewable energy, gearboxes, valves,…

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Elevated Temperature Bearings

Already since 1970 GBT is aiming for the most appropriate designs and enhanced product quality for the Oil & Gas market. GBT´s primary goal is to offer the market a Sliding bearing material which is environmental friendly and at the same time having low maintenance costs. Moreover GBT will continue to…

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