Sintered Bronze

Sintered Bronze material structure

The bush in Sintered Bronze give a wide range of applications, is realized with a powder of bronze sintered, calibrated and impregnated into specific oil (volume of impregnation of 25% ÷ 29% as per DIN 30910 Sint A50). During the application, this kind of material, thanks’ to the oil impregnation, developes a film of lubricant oil, between the shaft and the bush.

Operating Conditions





Process fluid

Good Good Fair Inadvisable Inadvisable



  • Dry Self-lubricating
  • Good load capacity
  • Easy to assembly
  • Minimum overall dimensions
  • Standard items widely available
  • Special items on demand
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Minimized wear and good service life

Chemical Composition

Element Cu Sn Other
Min Rest 8% 2%
Max Rest 10.5% 2%

Technical Data

Maximum Specific Load Static 10 N/mm2
Maximum Specific Load Dynamic 5 N/mm2
Maximum Sliding Speed 10 m/s (1970 fpm)
Friction Factor 0,08 ÷ 0,12
Service Temperature Minimum -5°C (+23°F)
Service Temperature Maximum +90°C (+194°F)
Shaft Roughness (Suggested) ≤0,2 Ra
Shaft Hardness (Suggested) >350 Hb
Density Min. 5,6 g/cm3
Density Max. 6,0 g/cm3
Porosity Min. 22,5 % Vpor/Vtot
Porosity Max. 27,5 % Vpor/Vtot
Hardness Min. 30 HB
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