MR material structure

The MR-1 trademark identifies a range of bearings composed of a metal grid housed CuSn6 within PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) loaded with solid lubricants (without lead, complying with the European Parliament’s “ELV” directive 2000/53/Ec).

The bronze grid gives the bearings the mechanical strength and the formability required to manufacture the finished parts; the loaded PTFE gives the MR-1 bearings a low friction factor and a high chemical resistance, entirely similar to those features by pure PTFE.

Thanks to their composite structure, the MR-1 bearings provide the best match of mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and low friction factor. The available products are cylindrical and flanged bearings, washers, belts and cast-to-size parts with thickness standard from 0,480 mm, 0,780 and 0,980 (0.019, 0.030 & 0 .039 inch).

Operating Conditions





Process fluid

Very Good Good Good Fair Fair



  • High load capacity
  • Easy mounting
  • Good chemical inertia to corrosive agents
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Negligible water absorption
  • Wide range of service temperatures
  • Minimum overail dimensions and no maintenance
  • Special items available on demand

Technical Data

Maximum Specific Load Static 100 N/mm2 (14500 PSI)
Maximum Specific Load Dynamic 80 N/mm2 (11600 PSI)
Maximum Sliding Speed 1 m/s (200 fpm)
Service Temperature Minimum -200°C (-328°F)
Service Temperature Maximum +260°C (+500°F)


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