Working with Customers

Technymon has over four decades of experience in the sliding bearing sector. To bring about the kinds of changes that will help our customers to use sliding bearing technology effectively and to its highest potential, in challenging operating environments, we seek to understand the customers requirements in detail. Whether the challenge involves torque requirements combines with severe corrosion requirements or cryogenics applications or dealing with extremely high temperature applications, we listen and learn so we can identify the problems within the application. Then we consider through science and our experience, how we can make a meaningful difference to the customer, whether it is a small or big project.

With more than sixty different materials having emerged through our technological developments during the past decades, we are very competent in learning and offering the right material to the customer that can meet his requirements.


The issues we engage with are disparate, but they share the characteristics of being dynamic and complex. We do all of our work in collaboration with our customers, together pushing for new solutions, and harnessing the transformative power of engineering and technology. We strive to engage with our customers in a spirit of trust, candid communication, and transparency. Our collective efforts also depend on the support well trained employees who are completely dedicated to produce a quality product.


In each of our divisions, we develop goals and strategies before allocating resources and making investments for projects. We continually collect and share data on our progress, reflect on lessons learned, and make course corrections as needed. Essential to this process is ongoing dialogue with our customers, which is embedded throughout our strategy lifecycle.

At this stage of the foundation’s growth, our divisions and strategies are already in place. We reflect on and review each strategy quarterly, and make adjustments to our implementation plan toward achieving our goals.


At Technymon we are doing continuous Research & Development to offer new and effective solutions to the different applications needed by our customers. We understand the challenges they face during various stages i.e. starting from bearing selection until assembly. For this reason our team of highly skilled application engineers and technical team to look after each an every aspect of the challenges the customers face and to deliver them solutions.


Manufacturing Unit:

Raw Material Manufacturing Unit

Raw Material Manufacturing Unit

Coil Cutting Unit

Chamfering & Thickness Control Unit

Bushing Manufacturing Unit


Quality Control Unit:

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Test C

Test D

Statistical Process Control


Continuous Motion Test

Shock Absorber Test

Gear Pump Test

Door Hinge Test

Thrust Washer Test

Alternative Movement, Unidirectional Load Test

Alternative Movement, Double Load Test

Alternative Movement, High Load Test