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All numeric input fields allow you to enter a value with an accuracy of up to 1 micrometer ("micron" or 1 thousandth of a millimeter).

All fields in this section are the basis for subsequent calculations and must be filled in.


Life Calculator

Bearing Type
Inner Diameter (mm)
Flange Diameter (mm)
Outer Diameter (mm)
Width (mm)
Shaft Material Carbon Steel
Calibration Depth (mm) 0.025
Mode of operation Dry Condition
Nature of Housing Average Heat Dissipating
Temperature () 25
Type of Loading Steady Load
Working Load (N) 250
Type of Movement Rotating
Speed (RPM) 500
Number of Cycles 10 000

Bearing Life (hours)

missing numbers

Operational Conditions


1K 2K 4K 6K 8K 10K 100K 1M 10M 100M


25℃ 60℃ 100℃ 150℃ 200℃ 280℃

How the sliding bearing life calculator works

The calculator is divided into three consecutive steps:

  1. Selecting the type of sliding bearing
  2. Entering the dimensional characteristics
  3. Determining the operational characteristics

After selecting the type of bearing, you will be prompted to enter the dimensions. Depending on the type of bearing, these are the following fields:

  • Width
  • Inner diameter
  • Flange diameter (for flanged bearings)
  • Outer diameter (for washer bearings)

All fields in this section are mandatory and further calculation is impossible without them.

After entering the dimensions, click on the link to go to the next section Operational Conditions.

All fields in this section are already filled in with default values, which you can change according to your operational characteristics. Already at this stage, at the bottom of the calculator, the service life of the sliding bearing is calculated. By changing the operating parameters, you can observe the change in the calculated service life.

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