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Technymon provides custom sliding bearings for various industries including:

Automotive Solutions

Shifting gears in the automotive industry: Technymon drives innovation. In a market craving new materials and ingenious solutions, Technymon cuts through the noise. Our cutting-edge expertise in polymer design, tooling, testing, and processing fuels advancements across the board. We create game-changing injection molded components like seal rings, thrust washers, brake wear sensors, and bearings – empowering our customers to lead the charge.

Oil & Gas Solutions

GBT, a stalwart of the oil & gas industry since its inception, has solidified its role by developing a diverse range of sliding bearings renowned for their increased performance, unwavering reliability, and extended maintenance intervals. These very characteristics support the industry's mission by maximizing output and efficiency, minimizing downtime, and ultimately achieving cost savings. GBT's dedication to innovation ensures the oil & gas industry operates at its peak, contributing to a reliable and successful future.

Hydraulics Solutions

Through extensive research, Technymon has pioneered a composite material blend offering a holistic solution for the hydraulic market. This material excels in both hydrodynamic lubrication and linear velocity, reaching up to 10 N/mm2. Impressively, it adheres to the strict European Parliament's "ELV" directive 2000/53/EC by being completely lead-free.

Industrials Solutions

GBT tackles industrial impact – from uneven shocks to heavy stresses – with its comprehensive line of self-lubricated sliding bearings. These prevent costly breakdowns by cushioning machinery against damage, saving you time, money, and peace ofmind.

Agriculture Solutions

Recognizing the harsh realities of agricultural machinery - contamination, moisture, vibration, and shock loads - Technymon is a leading sliding bearing and bushing manufacturer, equips your components for success. Our bearings understand the language of these challenges, ensuring optimal performance and extended lifespan for your agricultural operations.

Mining & Construction Solutions

Forged through experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology, GBT stands ready to tackle the demanding needs of mining and construction giants around the globe. We understand the crucial trifecta in these industries: unwavering reliability, sustainable practices, and maximized productivity. Partner with GBT for the perfect solution tailored to your specific application, and confidently navigate the toughest terrains and projects.

Renewable Energy Solutions

In the pursuit of renewable energy, superior bearings are paramount. Machinery often boasts a 20-year lifespan, and repairs present unique challenges - bearings located meters above ground and extended downtime causing significant losses and disruption. Recognizing this, Technymon prioritizes exceptional bearing design and structure for these crucial applications.

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