Automotive Solutions

The automotive market is always on the move to find new materials and solutions to accelerate technical innovations, meet new environmental and safety legislation, and satisfy emerging customer needs.  Using cutting-edge expertise in design, tooling, testing and processing of high-temperature polymers, we are successful at producing injection molded seal rings and thrust washers; precision components; brake wear sensors; and bearings that put our customers in the driver seat.


Noise is a key parameter that manufacturers look to reduce, as not only does this create discomfort but also indicates that there may be more serious underlying issues. CUSTOMIZED GBT SLIDING BEARINGS Composite materials developed by Global Bearing Technology such as MR-1, MR-2, MR-3, MR-5, ML-1 &…

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Electrical Conductivity

In GBT we have in-depth knowledge of the complexity of the automotive market based on many years of experience dealing with this market and through our continuous Research & Development we have managed to successfully develop materials that meet the ROHS environmental regulations, are maintenance free…

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In applications such as hinges and belt tensioners, the requirement of torque is very essential. If a right torque is not achieved then the operating of a complete system will get fail. The tribological aspect of the sliding bearing materials is playing a vital role in achieving the right torque and…

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