In applications such as hinges and belt tensioners, the requirement of torque is very essential.

If a right torque is not achieved then the operating of a complete system will get fail. The tribological aspect of the sliding bearing materials is playing a vital role in achieving the right torque and not getting worn out easily.

How torque is connected with sliding bearings:

  1. Surface
    • Surface roughness
    • Friction generated through surface
  2. Friction factor
  3. Sliding speed
  4. Load or Pressure
  5. Working Temperature
  6. Fit after sizing
  7. Solutions offered by GBT

GBT understands the different aspects of each application and therefore has developed a line of different composite materials, which can easily cope up with the necessity of torque. A thicker sliding layer gives our customers the option to size it and achieve the right combination required for the desired torque. In these comosite materials solid lubricant is distributed in a way that it provides better resistance to extreme wear which could happen due to torque requirement.

Various types of applications are having different torque requirements. By having developed a product line of different composite materials, GBT is offering the market the right torque based on the best combination of all the tribological aspects. Our primary goal is to offer our clients cost effective materials and products of the highest quality.

Area of application of sliding bearings

Additional advantages of GBT sliding bearings:

  • Minimal space requirement
  • Low weight due to compact construction
  • High durability & reliability
  • Resistant to impacts, shocks and vibrational loads
  • Suitable for high-speed applications
  • Suitable for rotational, oscillating and reciprocating motions
  • Low effort during installation
  • Additional protection for higher corrosion-resistance