Self-Lubricated Bearings

Self‐lubricated polymer Sliding bearings are exhibiting the ability to transfer a microscopic amount of lubrication film to the mating surface to enhance the machine’s performance & to reduce friction throughout its operating life, without any added grease or oils and ensuring clean, maintenance-free operation in the most challenging environments. 

Pre-lubricated Bearings

Pre-lubricated Sliding bearings requires grease and oil as a lubricating material which result in reducing the friction and temperature generated by the function of mating surface during the operation with the additional benefit of high load carrying capacity, high resistance to shock and extended operating life with a regular interval of maintenance.


Polymer Bearings

Plastic Polymer bearings falls into the category of self lubricated sliding bearings, with additional benefits of generating less metallic debris after wear, low in weight, high resistance to corrosion and high chemical resistance.