Elevated Temperature Bearings

Already since 1970 GBT is aiming for the most appropriate designs and enhanced product quality for the Oil & Gas market. GBT´s primary goal is to offer the market a Sliding bearing material which is environmental friendly and at the same time having low maintenance costs. Moreover GBT will continue to concentrate on the development of a sliding bearing adapted to future generations of valves and actuators, which will have even longer operating lives than before for ‘Elevated Temperature’ requirements.

Oil & Gas customers are demanding high reliability sliding bearings that are used in valves, actuators etc. Therefore GBT has developed a complete range of sliding bearings that meet these demands very easily.

Solutions offered by GBT:

GBT has created a revolutionary bearing which is a new generation of sliding bearings, especially developed for applications with elevated temperatures. These special sliding bearings are very effective and consist of a longer operating life, high load bearing capacity and are high reliable.

This bearing can be used from –190°C to +800°C with a special coating treatment Duritex SS ≥ 3200 HV”. With this material we have can create plain sliding bearings, washers and special parts, which are completely based on the specific requirements of our client´s application.

This demonstrates just how GBT´s R&D departments are continually working on the development of the best suited solutions for sliding bearings and offering a reliable solution for the oil & gas industry.

Additional advantages of GBT sliding bearings:

  • High load bearing capacity at elevated temperatures
  • Maintenance free
  • Low static and dynamic friction factor
  • Minimum wear and excellent life services
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to mount
  • High resistance to chemicals