MP-410 bearing structure

MP-500 is a thermoplastic material with a wire of fibres mixed with solid lubricants. This product has an optimal resistance at high temperature, excellent mechanical properties good wear resistance, optimal chemical resistance and the solid lubricants reduce the coefficient of sliding friction and they form an optimal sliding surface with the counter- piece. The applications can be various: ranging from office supplies, medical equipments, pneumatic cylinders hinges, pedal controls, etc. The MP-500 series includes cylindrical, flanged bearings, washers and special parts.

Operating Conditions





Process fluid

Good Good Good Good Good



For high temperature range application (until +250°C at long term application)

High temperature resistance

Excellent mechanical properties

Dry self-lubrications

Very low moisture absorption

Low coefficient of sliding friction

Minimum wear and excellent operating life

Optimal chemical resistance

Easy to assembly

Wide range of standard items available

Special items on demand

General Properties

Density 1,43 g/cm3 (DIN-53479 ASTM-D792)
Max moisture absorption in water at 24 h (23°C) 0,30 % (ISO-62)
Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic 0,20 ÷ 0,26
P x V Value 1,32 N/mm2 (Dry)
Color Black

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength (23 °C) 145 N/mm2 (ISO-527)
Modulus of elasticity (23 °C) 12500 N/mm2 (ISO-527R)
Elongation at break (23 °C) 2,30% (ISO-527)
Izod – Impact strength (notched) (23 °C) 55 J/m (ASTM D256-A)
Charpy – Impact strength (unnotched) (23 °C) 35 Kj/m2 (ISO 179-1)
Charpy – Impact strength (notched) (23 °C) 5 Kj/m2 (ISO 179-1) 
Max surface speed (rotating) 1,50 m/s
Max surface speed (linear) 5,0 m/s
Max static surface pressure 140 N/mm2

Physical and thermal properties

Max long term application temperature +250°C
Min long term application temperature -100°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion (+30°C +100°C) 2 K-1 * 10-5 (DIN53752)

Electrical properties

Specific volume resistance >108cm (DIN53482)
Surface resistance >106cm (DIN53482)
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