Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders are an essential part of the continuously growing mechanical industry. At Technymon we are specialized in manufacturing the right materials to meet the specific needs of this industry with a highly vigorous application demand. Our clients are global manufacturers of the most important mechanism of these hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders; focused on rotation and sliding. Sliding bearings of GBT are being placed in every sector of the mechanical industry.

Through our technological knowledge and ongoing investment in product development and design, we reach high standards of product quality and continuously work on improving the tribological aspect of sliding bearing materials. Technymon supplies various types of sliding bearings, which all offer a longer operating cycle, a high bearing load capacity and high reliability. In GBT we work on offering you sliding bearings of optimum material and design, which at the same time need extremely low maintenance.

At Technymon we are confident we can offer you the latest on sliding bearing technologies, supported by a reliable and highly skilled technical team, working from around the globe and capable of solving any technical issues that may arise.

Superior sliding bearings for automotive applications

  • Sliding bearings

Experience the fluid power by using GBT sliding bearings

GBT sliding bearings are specifically developed to meet the following technical requirements:

  • Able to dissipate the heat
  • Low operating bearing clearance
  • High resistance to wear or abrasion
  • Good resistance to erosion
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Can withstand extreme environmental & operating conditions
  • Generate little noise
  • Low weight
  • High reliability
  • Longer operational life

GBT sliding bearings are getting used in following applications for hydraulics:

  1. Positive displacement pump:
    1. Gear pump:
      • Internal
      • External
    2. Plunger pump
    3. Axial piston pump
    4. Radial piston pump
    5. Rotatory piston pump
  2. Non positive displacement pump:
    1. Centrifugal pump
  3. Hydraulic cylinders


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