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Global Bearing Technology, previously known as Technymon, started in 1975 as a small family-owned company specialized in the production of sliding bearings. During its 40 years of history the company has shown a deep commitment to innovation & product development and with the support of a highly-skilled technical team, GBT, the best bearing manufacturers near you, rapidly gained success on all the principal markets worldwide, becoming an Italian company with global reach.

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With its headquarters based in Bergamo, Italy, Global Bearing Technology has contributed to creating a region well-known for companies specialized in technology and innovation. The company, as the best bearing manufacturers near you, has continuously invested in research and product improvement and has a purpose-built, modern factory. Through partnering closely with our clients for so many years we have a profound understanding of the sliding bearing industry and its needs.


Over the years GBT has invested in opening new manufacturing facilities and sales companies all over the world, and nowadays it is present on the European, American, South-American and Asian market.