MP-320 is a thermoplastic material with a wire of fibers. This product is electrically conductive e it has good chemical resistance and good resistance to high loads. The MP-320 series includes cylindrical and flanged bearings as well as washers, and special items are available on demand.

Operating Conditions





Process fluid

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  • Electrically conductive
  • Good chemical resistance
  • For high static loads
  • Easy to assembly
  • Wide range of standard items available
  • Special items on demand
Density1,29 g/cm3 (DIN-53479 ASTM-D792)
Max moisture absorption in water at 24 h (23°C)1,80 % (ISO-62)
Coefficient of sliding friction, dynamic0,10 ÷ 0,40
P x V Value0,34 N/mm2 (Dry)
Tensile strength (23 °C)260 N/mm2 (ISO-527)
Modulus of elasticity (23 °C)11600 N/mm2 (ISO-527R)
Elongation at break (23 °C)5% (ISO-527)
Izod – Impact strength (notched) (23 °C)65 J/m (ASTM D256-A)
Charpy – Impact strength (unnotched) (23 °C)30 Kj/m2 (ISO 179-1)
Charpy – Impact strength (notched) (23 °C)8 Kj/m2 (ISO 179-1) 
Max surface speed (rotating)0,80 m/s
Max surface speed (linear)3 m/s
Max static surface pressure105 N/mm2
Max long term application temperature+140°C
Min long term application temperature-40°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion (+30°C +100°C)2 K-1 * 10-5 (DIN53752)
Specific volume resistance>103cm (DIN53482)
Surface resistance>102cm (DIN53482)
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