Renewable Energy

Sunlight, wind and water are some of the energy resources that have been leading in the whole world to a revolutionary development in the field of renewable energy, resulting in governments taking bigger steps to outline new strategies and making huge investments in solutions to produce more energy through renewable resources, in order to meet the fast growing needs.

Large solar panels and wind turbines are continuously operational to produce the needed supply of renewable energy and the GBT research and development center has developed bearing materials which are highly suitable for these machineries.

GBT is one of the few bearing manufacturers available worldwide, who is being able to offer their customers the perfect, stable sliding bearing for such a high demanding application. Sliding bearings produced by GBT consist of the most advanced composite materials available, which significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and are highly efficient. Our company started supplying sliding bearings for the renewable energy market in 1995 and few years later GBT already was supplying customers in this field from all over the world, having become a leader in its segment.

Innovation and a customer focused solutions are very important to us, therefore our highly skilled technical team, operating from key locations around the world, closely collaborates with our clients on finding the right solution for each one of their projects. By developing the most innovative bearings for the solar panel and wind-turbine industry we are committed to making a substantial contribution to environmental protection.

Sliding bearings which contribute to a good environment

  • Solar tracking systems in linkages & joints
  • Rotor shaft

Protect the environment with GBT sliding bearings

Through extensive research on the requirements for sliding bearings for the application in the field of renewable energy we came to understand the level of quality required in terms of life, corrosion and impact. Therefore, in GBT we develop and design bearing materials which are highly suitable and at the same time cost effective. To meet the needs of the market our sliding bearings contain the following properties:

  • Are maintenance-free
  • Give higher corrosion resistance
  • Precise operating bearing clearance
  • Highly wear resistance
  • Low wear, against alternating load
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good damping characteristics
  • Insensitive to shocks and impacts
  • Compact design
  • Resistance against excessive dirt, aggressive chemicals and higher temperatures
  • Lower bushing weights
  • Offering a variety of standard and custom bearing designs

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